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 Hokuriku Electric Power Company established on May 1, 1951, supplies electricity through integrated power generation, transmission and distribution systems as one of the ten general electric utilities in Japan.
 At present (as of the end of March 2016), Hokuriku Electric Power Company serves approximately 2.13 million customers on contracts, including 1.91 million for lighting service and remaining 0.22 million for power supply service, and its electricity sales amounted to about 27.5 billion kWh.
 In order to fulfill a social mission of ensuring stable supply of low-cost and high-quality energy, we aim to create "Hokuriku Electric Power Group that will serve as your trustworthy and chosen partner" by steadily addressing various challenges.
 As a leading private corporation in the Hokuriku region, we actively participate in various projects for economic and cultural development of the local communities in our service area.

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