Corporate Information

Date of Establishment

May 1, 1951

Service Territory

Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui (excluding some districts), and a part of Gifu

Number of Shareholders

88,357 (at the end of March 2016)

Corporate Resources and Facilities

(at the end of March 2016)

Capital (billions of yen)117.64
Number of employees4,997
Hydroelectric power capacity (MW)1,921
Thermal power capacity (MW)
(steam and internal combustion engine)
Nuclear power capacity (MW)1,746
New energy (MW)8
Transmission facilities (line length in km)3,314
Transformation facilities (thousands of kVA)31,033
Distribution facilities (conductor length in km)122,129
Number of contracts (thousands)
(total of lighting and power contracts)
Electricity sales (billions of kWh) (for fiscal year)27.5

Head Office and Branches

Head Office:15-1 Ushijima-cho, Toyama-shi 930-8686, Japan
Toyama Branch:13-15 Ushijima-cho, Toyama-shi 930-0858, Japan
Takaoka Branch:7-15 Hirokoji, Takaoka-shi 933-0057, Japan
Uozu Branch:1-12-12 Shinkanaya, Uozu-shi 937-0801, Japan
Ishikawa Branch:6-11 Shimohonda-machi, Kanazawa-shi 920-0993, Japan
Nanao Branch:61-7 Mishima-cho, Nanao-shi 926-8585, Japan
Komatsu Branch:25-1 Sakae-machi, Komatsu-shi 923-0934, Japan
Fukui Branch:1-4-1 Hinode, Fukui-shi 910-8565, Japan
Tannan Branch:1-6 Aza Higashinozue, 10, Shin-cho, Echizen-shi 915-0883, Japan
Tokyo Branch:2-8-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku 105-0001, Japan

Corporate Information

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