Commencement and Termination of Electricity Use

 If you are moving, you need to contact an electric power company and file an application concerning your electricity contract.
 Please call us for application if you plan to sign a contract with us.
 If you do not speak Japanese, you are kindly requested to ask someone who speaks Japanese (your caretaker, friend, etc.) to contact us on your behalf as personnel at our Customer Service Center are not accustomed to responding in English.

When you start using electricity in your new residence

 You can start using electricity as soon as power connecting works are completed after submitting an application for electricity contract to us.
 Please call our Customer Service Center at 0120-776453 after you have decided on the date of moving to your new residence.
 You will be asked on the phone to give your name, address, telephone number, electricity service commencement date and your preferred payment method for your electricity bills.  Please refer to the section below for our payment options.

When terminating the use of electricity because of moving out

 You are requested to call our Customer Service Center at 0120-776453 no later than three days prior to the date of moving out.
 We will ask you on the phone to give your customer identification number, name, address, telephone number, date of terminating electricity service and payment method for your electricity bills.
 Please refer to the "Notice of Electricity Consumption (meter reading slip)" for your customer identification  number.

customer identification  number

Guide on Electricity Use

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