Basic Policy for Procurement

 The Purchasing and Materials Department of Hokuriku Electric conducts its procurement activities under the following four basic principles.

1.To Purchase high quality items at reasonably competitive prices.

 We strive to build mutually reliable relations with suppliers through procurement transactions. To supply elecricity of the highest quality at economical prices, we consider it imperative to have the best products stably supplied at reasonable prices and delivered on specified delivery dates based on mutual trust and respect.

2.To keep the door open fairly to supply all over the world.

 We will purchase from any supplier provided that the product they sell is of high quality and economically acceptable. It is our intension to add new suppliers, whether domestic or overseas, to our list of prospective business partner if they meet our requirements.
 In selecting new suppliers, we fairly consider product quality, pricing, product reliability, compatibility with existing facilities, delivery punctuality, after-sale service, troubleshooting capabilities, the technical capabilities of the its financial soundness.

3.Compliance with laws and regulations

 We consider the observance of not only all relevant laws and regulations but also the spirit of them by both parties to be a prerequisite to any business transaction.

4.Contribution to the local community

 We consider making contributions to the development of the local community to be one of the basic duties of an electric power company.
 This has been one of our basic policies since foundation. We will continue our efforts, together with our business partners, to fulfill this duty in the future.

Procedure of Contract

 For further information or questions on our procurement procedures, please contact us.

International Procurement Section
Purchasing & Materials Department
Hokuriku Electric Power Company
address15-1, Ushijima-cho, Toyama 930-8686, Japan

Procurement Activities

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