Guide on Electricity Use

 Persons who wish to use electricity in Japan must sign a contract with a private electric power company.  We Hokuriku Electric Power Company provide electricity supply services in Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui (some areas excluded) Prefectures and parts of Gifu Prefecture.
 On this website, we provide information we would like to share with our customers before they start using our electricity services.
 If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulty on the use of electricity, please feel free to call our Customer Service Center at 0120-776453. (accepted Mon.-Sat. 9:00am-8:00pm. except New Year's holiday and national holidays)
 If you do not speak Japanese, you are kindly requested to ask someone who speaks Japanese (your caretaker, friend, etc.) to inquire on your behalf as personnel at our Customer Service Center are not accustomed to responding in English.

Commencement and Termination of Electricity Use

Electricity Bill Payment Options


When the Electricity Does Not Turn on

Guide on Electricity Use

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