Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements13

March 31, 2017

15. Segment Information

(1) Overview of reportable segment

 The Company's business segment consists of companies from which separated financial information can be obtained in order for the Board of Managing Directors and the Board of Directors to decide the distribution of management resources and evaluate performance. Of these, the "Electricity" segment that accounts for the major portion of our whole business is defined as the reportable segment, and other businesses are classified as "Others."
 In the "Electricity" segment, the Company supplies electricity to the three prefectures in the Hokuriku region [Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui (partly excluded)] and part of Gifu prefecture, and the Nihonkai Power Generating supplies electricity to the Company on a wholesale basis.

(2) Accounting policies of each reportable segment

 The accounting policies of the segments are substantially the same as described in the Summary of Siginificant Accounting Policies. Segment performance is evaluated based on operating income or loss. Intersegment sales are arm's length transaction.

(3) Information about each reportable segment

Millions of yen

ElectricityOthers (Note 1)TotalAdjustment and elimination (Note 2)Consolidated (Note 3)
Sales to customers¥496,118¥46,453¥542,572¥-¥542,572
Inter-segment sales60248,48549,088(49,088)-
Total operating revenue496,72194,938591,660(49,088)542,572
Segment income2,9357,61210,548(9)10,539
Segment assets1,437,874109,9781,547,852(29,776)1,518,076
Depreciation and amortization61,9643,86965,860(1,018)64,842
Capital expenditure93,3612,92096,281(1,391)94,889

Millions of yen

ElectricityOthers (Note 1)TotalAdjustment and elimination (Note 2)Consolidated (Note 3)
Sales to customers¥492,382¥52,185¥544,568¥ -¥544,568
Inter-segment sales63649,06449,701(49,701)-
Total operating revenue493,019101,250594,269(49,701)544,568
Segment income29,1258,92138,0477638,124
Segment assets1,430,503108,8701,539,373(29,979)1,509,393
Depreciation and amortization64,3273,90668,233(1,018)67,215
Capital expenditure96,9763,751100,728(1,170)99,558

Thousands of U.S. dollars

ElectricityOthers (Note 1)TotalAdjustment and elimination (Note 2)Consolidated (Note 3)
Sales to customers$4,421,734$414,023$4,835,758$ -$4,835,758
Inter-segment sales5,372432,134437,507(437,507)-
 Total operating revenue4,427,107846,1585,273,265(437,507)4,835,758
Segment income26,16667,84994,016(84)93,931
Segment assets12,815,280980,19913,795,480(265,383)13,530,096
Depreciation and amortization552,27034,725586,995(9,077)577,918
Capital expenditure832,09526,026858,122(12,403)845,718

(Note 1)
Other segment represents construction and maintenance of the electrical power facilities, information, telecommunications and other.
(Note 2)
Adjustment and eliminations of "Segment income," "Segment assets," "Depreciation and amortization," and "Capital expenditure" are intersegment transaction eliminations.
(Note 3)
Segment income is adjusted to reflect operating income in the consolidated statement of operations.

(Relevant information)

(1) Information by product or service
 As revenue from single product exceed 90% of revenue in the consolidated statements of operations, relating disclosure is omitted.

(2) Information by respective areas
 Because there are no sales to overseas customers and no tangible fixed assets located overseas, relating disclosure is omitted.

(Information related to impairment loss on fixed assets by reportable segment)

 Since this information is not significant, this disclosure is omitted.

(Information related to amortization of goodwill and amortized balance by reportable segment)

 None applicable.

(Information related to gain on negative goodwill by reportable segment)

 None applicable.

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