Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements12

March 31, 2017

14. Asset Retirement Obligations

(1) Overview

 Asset retirement obligations are recognized for decommissioning of specific nuclear power units prescribed by the "Act on the Regulation of Nuclear Source Material, Nuclear Fuel Material and Reactors."
 Based on the "Ministerial Ordinance on Reserves for Decommissioning Costs of Nuclear Power Units" (Ordinance of MITI No.30 of 1989), the total estimate of decommission expense is recognized by the straight-line method over the expected operating period of nuclear power units and planned period for safe storage.

(2) Accounting method of the asset retirement obligations

 Remaining years are determined by each unit at the period which includes the planned period for safe storage in addition to the expected operation period of nuclear power units after deducting the past operation period.
Discount rate of 2.3% is used in the calculation.

(3) Changes in asset retirement obligations

Millions of yen / Millions of yen / Thousands of U.S. dollars

Balance at beginning of the year¥59,153¥56,537$527,216
Net changes during the year1,1872,61610,587
Balance at end of the year¥60,341¥59,153$537,804

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